The SSI Founding Board members

Safe Sport International – Founding Directors

Celia Brackenridge OBE, DSc, PhD, MA, BEd (Hons) Cantab, Cert. Ed., AcSS, FBASES

Celia Brackenridge OBE, DSc, PhD, MA, BEd (Hons) Cantab, Cert. Ed., AcSS, FBASES

Celia (Co-Chair) is Professor Emerita at Brunel University London, UK. She was an international athlete in Women’s Lacrosse and founding Chair of the UK Women’s Sports Foundation. She pioneered research into sexual abuse in sport and has worked as a consultant with many agencies around the world to prevent abuse and harassment, including the IOC and UNICEF.

Her selected awards and nominations include:

  • Nominee for Ethics in Sports Award, FIFA, nominated by UNICEF UK, 2014
  • Philip Noel-Baker Research Award, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, 2013
  • Order of the British Empire, Queen’s New Year Honours, 2012
  • Distinguished International Scholar Award, Association for the Advancement of Applied Psychology, 2007-08
  •      USA Women’s Sports Foundation, Darlene Kluka Women’s Sport and Physical Activity Research Award, 2007
  • Finalist (Sport category), European Women of Achievement Awards, 2004
  • Finalist, International Olympic Committee, President’s Award for Sport Science, 2003
  • Vaux Silver Award for Captaining Great Britain to 5 victories over Australia, 1979
  • Women’s Lacrosse, Elected England Captain, 1979-1982 and Great Britain Captain, 1978
  • Double Full Blue for Cricket and Lacrosse, Cambridge University, 1972
Katherine Starr

Katherine Starr

Katherine is a two time Olympian for Great Britain (1984 and 1988). In 1986 she won two silver medals at the Commonwealth Games. Katherine experienced success at the collegiate level in swimming for the University of Texas, participating on three NCAA championship teams and named 14-time All-American.

Katherine founded Safe4Athletes in 2011 as a result of living for decades with pain and suffering from the tragic effects of coach-athlete sexual abuse. Safe4Athletes was brought to life to help other athletes who have experienced the same destructive abuse of power in the coach-athlete relationship.  Safe4Athletes’ mission is to advocate for athletes that have been abused, bullied or harassed by their more powerful coach or teammate. Katherine has acted as an advocate for athletes involved in coach-athlete sexual abuse, athlete on athlete sexual abuse, athlete cyber-bullying, athlete sexual hazing as well as many forms of athletic abuse in general.

Since speaking out about abuse in sports, Katherine has developed a reputation for her expertise and eloquence on coach-athlete sexual abuse. This is evident by the rapid growth of traditional media and social media attention on the problem of coach-athlete sexual abuse since the inception of Safe4Athletes including features with NBC Sports Radio, NY Times the Takeaway, CBS Sports Radio, Take Part Five (PIVOT Channel), Aljazeera America as well other nationally recognized media outlets in sports.

Katherine oversees Safe4Athletes and actively works with sports organizations to adopt stronger polices for all athletic clubs and programmes. She champions the issue by implementing stronger policy to give athletes rights at all levels of sports. Through her work, Katherine educates lawyers/media/NGBs on the unique aspects of the power dynamic that exists in the coach-athlete relationship. Katherine has also written several articles on the topic including “Breaking Down Sexual Abuse in Sports”.


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Michael Pederson

Michael Pedersen is an internationally recognized expert in sport governance, transparency, ethics and integrity. As Founder of M. INC he works independently to help sport develop standards of good governance as a winning strategy for building trust, growth and performance into the future. While doing so, Michael also supports projects that evolve around the mix of sport, children, values and positive societal change. Among other positions, he headed the global corporate governance initiative of the World Economic Forum with more than 175 multinational companies and their CEOs. Michael Pedersen was also a Senior Business Integrity Advisor with Novozymes, the world’s largest producer of enzymes. He holds three MSc degrees: an MSc in Global Leadership, an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice and an MSc in International Relations. Michael is a passionate athlete too and strives to do sport twice a day. Albeit of Danish origin, his current base is Malaga, Spain (for a more comprehensive bio, see
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