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In this final conversation, Marcella Leonard (SSI Associate / Safeguarding Consultant) and Kat Craig (CEO of Athlead) explore how organisations can develop an Advocacy approach.

Recognising, identifying and creating social change is difficult. It’s therefore important to take a strategic approach, identifying the key steps required on the journey towards change.

To enable effective organisational change, 3 core elements must be present:

  1. Authenticity of narratives shared by people with lived experience
  2. Sustainability
  3. Strategic approach

Advocating for social change requires significant energy, but the cost of inaction is greater.

Key learning from this episode:

  • Identify and define the key issue to be addressed
  • Identify the audience you need to influence
  • Identify who has the power to make the change
  • Identify the people to influence – those who can make change happen
  • Identify what actions you can take
  • Undertake research and educate the organisation
  • Identify and establish a team to support and energise the movement towards change

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