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In the first of 3 new podcast episodes, Jo Norman (Independent Safeguarding Consultant) and Marcella Leonard (SSI Associate / Safeguarding Consultant) take a deeper look at the need for Safeguarding Advocacy in Sport.

During their conversation, Marcella shares her perspective and experience, explaining the vulnerability of children and some adults who may be unable to protect themselves. They also discuss the influence of power, authority and unquestioned access to athletes, in relation to coaches and adults in positions of trust.  

Key learning from this episode:

  • Ways in which people are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation
  • The need for risk assessing all aspects of an Advocacy service 
  • The need for independence in Advocacy, promoting the individual’s right to remain in control of their information 
  • By being independent, the Advocacy service will have no conflict of interest or bias, reducing risk of potential blocks to accessing the service
  • Ways to promote an Advocacy service, ensuring all stakeholders are clear about the purpose and function of independent Advocacy

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