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In our latest podcast episode, Jo Norman (Independent Safeguarding Consultant) talks with Mark Mungal (Sport and Development Consultant) about Safeguarding Advocacy in Sport from an international perspective.

Mark shares his experience of Advocacy, including the challenges of ensuring an equal response internationally across the many different structures and legislative frameworks.

Mark highlights the importance of recognising different cultures, and that equality is not about having the same but ensuring we use the best from all cultures to avoid assuming one size fits all when applying The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Key learning from this episode:

  • The need to consider the complexities of the Advocacy offer across different jurisdictions and to use a country’s cultural identity in the strategic development of service
  • The need for education of rights for providers, contractors, children, young people and adults at risk
  • The need to promote safe and protective cultural influences
  • The need to ensure identification of the right people to deliver the service – those who are independent and conscious of cultural bias, using a safer recruitment process

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