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In this final episode of season 1, Jo Norman (Independent Safeguarding Consultant) talks with Willma King (National Safeguarding Learning and Development Manager) about the role of governance in the provision of Safeguarding Advocacy in Sport.

Jo and Willma discuss how to ‘govern’ (establish safe practice and on-going monitoring) by providing the vulnerable with a representative – someone to be their voice, who will support and guide them through complex systems.

Key learning from this episode:

  • The need for a multi dimensional approach – “Advocacy is a team sport”
  • The need for transparency and awareness across all stakeholders, including rights, legal duties, and guidance to assist them in applying the service effectively
  • The need for clear publicity, ensuring all users are aware of what they should expect
  • Governance is an ongoing process, beginning with a clear set of expectations and applicable standards, through to the ongoing monitoring and measurement of effectiveness
  • SMART standards are to be set by the responsible board
  • All those working with children and adults at risk must be ‘safer recruited’ and checked against a register of ‘safe people’
  • The need for annual audits, to ensure Advocacy services are compliant with the above

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