Safe Sport International (SSI) is proud to announce the launch of its newest educational offering, the International Policy and Practice in Safe Sport Course. This innovative course can empower individuals and sports organisations working at a national and international level to gain the insight, knowledge and practical guidance necessary to help create a safe sporting environment for all.

With the growing emphasis on athlete safety, well-being, and safeguarding, the demand for comprehensive education in safe sport practices has never been greater. Developed by experts in the field, the SSI International Policy and Practice in Safe Sport Course is full of content drawn from academics, experts and survivors across the international sports field, guiding you through the key aspects of safeguarding, and drawing upon current trends in research and evidence.

Key features of the four module “International Policy and Practice in Safe Sport” course include:

  • The voice of athletes and survivors of sports abuse, providing an armoury of knowledge and stand-out themes for safeguarding in sport, including leadership, culture, and responsibility.
  • Trends in research and evidence and why this is important in developing and implementing safeguards and safe sport.
  • Policy development – exploring sport and statutory agency safeguarding regulatory frameworks and practice guidance on crafting, revising, and implementing safe sport policies.
  • Safeguarding risks in sporting contexts and the conditions that make some athletes more vulnerable to abuse than others.
  • Sources of support – the types of support and support mechanisms necessary for staff, volunteers, and athletes.
  • Case studies, best practices and multimedia content offering valuable insights and lessons and equipping participants with the tools to navigate complex issues.

“The ‘International Policy and Practice in Safe Sport’ course is a milestone in our commitment to fostering safe and inclusive environments in sports globally,” said Neal Anderson, COO at Safe Sport International. “We believe that by equipping individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of creating, updating and implementing safe sport policies, we can collectively contribute to a vision of everyone, everywhere safe in sport.”

The course is aimed at individuals and sports organisations working at a national and international level. This includes safeguarding specialists as well as all managers and leaders within national and international sports bodies, federations, sports councils, funding organisations, and governmental agencies.

The SSI International Policy and Practice in Safe Sport Course is now open for enrolment.

For more information and to register, visit Course Link.

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