About Us

Safe Sport International is an international network of experts committed to ending all forms of inter-personal violence, abuse and harassment in sports environments globally. We are united by a desire to uphold human rights and put research and the voices of athletes at the heart of our vision of everyone, everywhere safe in sport.


The vision, mission and approach that will carry SSI through 2024-26.

SSI Strategic Plan

Where we will focus our resources and efforts 2024-26.

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Global consulting for governmental agencies, international federations and sports governing bodies.

International Standards

Safeguards to protect children, young people and adults in sport.


Meet the SSI team, a global network of experts and advocates for safe sport.


Share our commitment a world where everyone, everywhere is safe in sport.

How SSI is funded

We’re a leading charity with an international commitment to ending abuse in sport.

Our Vision: Athlete voices are a guiding force in
safe sport across the globe