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This course is an adaptation of the FIFA Guardians toolkit that was launched in July of 2019.  The content of this toolkit was developed by the FIFA administration together with the FIFA Child Safeguarding Working  Group in collaboration with UNICEF, the Council of Europe, the Scottish Football Association, OFC and Concacaf and consultation from the FIFA Development Committee and the OFC Just Play project managers.

This tool was developed to support FIFA’s member organizations in implementing best practice to keep children safe and ensure involvement in football in fun for all.  However, it can be adapted to any sport as it sets the minimum requirements for any sport club on child safeguarding.

This module provides a framework to help clubs consider how they can prevent risks of harm to children in sport and respond appropriately.  It includes templates that you will be able to adapt to the needs of your club.

Course Objectives:

  1. To promote accountability and responsibility for keeping children safe from harm when involved in any sporting activities
  2.  To self-assess and inform the development of their safeguarding policies, plans and programmes, including for human resource and training needs;
  3.  To assist coordinators and technical staff with risk assessments and the development of safeguarding plans and programmes;
  4.  To support practitioners, such as coaches, trainers, medical personnel, staff and volunteers, who provide services,  training  and  programmes to children to apply good practice for effective action.