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This four module online course provides an essential overview of safeguarding within sport for those with supervisory, management or leadership responsibilities.


  • Situate safeguarding within the core responsibilities of sports organisations
  • Recognise and respond to areas of concern for the wellbeing of athletes
  • Apply a comprehensive description of child and adult protection responsibilities of those with a governance role
  • Formulate a route to establishing safeguards for children and adults within your organisation

Course content

The online course consists of four modules, each of which contains:

  • Video presentation
  • Quiz
  • Checklist
  • Review and reflection
  • References and resources

Time commitment

The overall course length is 1.5-2 hours of online learning. Please be aware that the length of time will vary and an indication of the expected time is given within each module.


It is recommended that you keep reflective notes about what you are learning and how you intend to put those things into practice. Throughout the presentations there will be opportunity to reflect on what you are learning, followed by reflection questions at the end of each module.


You will need to progress through the modules in a linear fashion. Once you have completed a page the next page will become available. A ‘Mark Complete’ button is located on each page for you to select as you move through each module. Once you have completed all the pages of a module you will return to the module home page where you will need to select the Mark Complete to go to the next module.


The course content can be accessed using screen readers (e.g. JAWS) or Text to Speech readers (e.g. Orato). Closed captions or transcripts have been provided for video and audio content.