i-Protect Club Badge

Taking a whole club approach to i-Protect provides a unique opportunity to undertake safeguarding learning as a club, for free. This will result in the coveted ‘i-Protect Club Badge’ and includes access to a wide variety of supporting resources.

i-Protect Club Badge After successful completion of all requirements, your club can earn the i-Protect Club Badge, which certifies that “[YOUR CLUB] has completed the i-Protect safeguarding in sport training and are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all”.

Before being awarded the i-Protect Club Page, the club leadership team must complete the declaration below.

The club leadership team declares that our i-Protect Ambassador Team have completed the i-Protect safeguarding in sport training and are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all.

  • We have developed a safeguarding policy that states the welfare of our athletes as a primary concern and is approved by our governance board and made available to all who access our club.
  • Our safeguarding procedures clearly identify those with responsibility for safeguarding and provide step-by-step guidance on what action to take in responding to safeguarding concerns.
  • Upon joining our club, all staff, families, and caregivers are informed where they can access information and guidance and are encouraged to undertake the i-Protect safeguarding training modules.
  • Ongoing risk assessments are carried out and steps are taken to minimise any risks identified to reduce the possibility of harm or decide whether to abandon an activity altogether.
  • A programme of safeguarding learning has been provided for our children and youth covering behavioural expectations and treating people with dignity, respect, sensitivity, and fairness.
  • Following safe-recruitment processes, all individuals operating in our club must undertake safeguarding training as part of their shared responsibility and commitment to the welfare of all.
  • We work with partners to safeguard athletes, share learning and to promote the importance of safeguarding in our local communities.
  • We commit to maintaining our policies and guidance documents, ensuring they remain relevant and appropriate for our club, developed in consultation with our athletes and their families.

The i-Protect Club Badge involves four steps

We’ve made the process of securing the i-Protect Club Badge easy and intuitive. This includes the ability to monitor your progress and develop your club safeguarding strategy, with the benefit of ready-to-use templates.

What’s more, if you need a little help, SSI will be on-hand to assist.

During Club Registration, you will be asked to provide details of your i-Protect “Ambassador Team”. These are the people who will champion, embed and help manage i-Protect within your club.

Take the pre-assessment

Begin your Club Approach journey by taking the pre-assessment questionnaire…

Frequently Asked Questions

i-Protect is a unique, whole-club approach to creating a safe and healthy environment for athletes to enjoy sport — an environment where everyone has a role to play.

The Club Approach requires a club’s leadership to bring all club personnel together to achieve this.

The i-Protect Club Badge is a unique whole-club learning experience on safeguarding. It therefore requires the club’s leadership to make the decision to pursue the i-Protect Club Badge.

Your willingness to be a safe club is great – we just ask you to secure the decision amongst your club leadership before applying.
You can ask questions and request help at any time by raising a ticket here.

Help spread the word

i-Protect learning will always be free, so please share as widely as possible. Thank you!