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In this episode of our podcast, Marcella Leonard (SSI Associate / Safeguarding Consultant) and Kat Craig (CEO of Athlead) discuss the challenges an individual or organisation might face when creating change through Advocacy.

Creating change is difficult. It means taking action against an individual or organisation that may or may not be receptive to the challenge. This can include the need to challenge power dynamics, potentially creating barriers.

Being aware of the challenges and ensuring support mechanisms are in place will help reduce the emotional toll and keep you moving forwards.

Key learning from this episode:

  • Creating change can have an emotional toll, either because of what has happened to you personally or to someone / something you care about. Sitting in other people’s suffering is upsetting and will have an impact. It is so important to have support networks in place to draw upon, both formal and informal.
  • Creating change can involve being confronted by people’s wilful ignorance. It is therefore important to have a team of people in place to challenge any ignorance through education, research, knowledge and action.
  • Creating change can involve being confronted by wilful inaction, even when an issue has been brought to the attention of a person or organisation. This can be hugely frustrating, creating a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. Having a diverse range of support networks to assist in developing strategies for safely challenging inaction is therefore crucial.

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